Manage the menu

The menu manager allows you to arrange pages within a section of the site.

You will already have chosen which section of the site the page goes in - this is one of the settings in the Page attributes form. If the menu manager page isn't already showing the correct section of the site, use the pulldown list to select it.

The menu manager will show a list of the pages in the section. If you are creating a new page, it will be shown at the bottom of the list in red.

Administrators with the correct level of access (Superusers and Publishers) will be able to access the Menu Manager at any time to rearrange any page, but when creating a page you can only move that page - none of the others can be moved.

  • Click and drag the page until it is in the position you want it to be. If you place it at the top of the list it will be the first page which appears when you click the section link on the live website (assuming your website is designed to display menus in this way). 
  • Optionally you can choose to make the page a "child" of the page above it. This means the link to the page won't be visible on the live website until the page above it (the "parent") is clicked. To do this, simply click the page in the Menu Manager and drag it to the right until it is indented. To make it a "parent" again, drag it left again.

When you've finished positioning your page, click Save changes. (If you are creating a new page this will say Save changes and Edit content).

Red more about adding and editing page content.

About help files

Most of these help files are applicable to every installation. However, not every installation of Treeline is identical, and your website may have some customisations or differences.

If you can't find find a help file for your particular customisation please contact us to ask for individual help. 

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